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There are so many cultures and countries to experience in the Mediterranean, the potential activities seem limitless. Each new day might start at a different port and often in a different country. Even seven-day itineraries frequently visit three or four countries, giving travelers a variety of languages, tastes and shore excursions.

Countries around the Mediterranean have rich histories that stretch back hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. Those who venture to Cairo can see the overwhelming enormity of the Great Pyramids of Giza before soaking up views of Athens from high above on the Acropolis. Not far off in Italy, visitors can find the remnants of a failed empire in Rome's numerous archaeological sites: the Forum, Colosseum, Circus Maximus and many more. Jerusalem is also within reach, and there's much to learn in this city that is central to three world religions.

Besides snapping shots of the relics of the past, there's plenty of culture to experience in the present. Dine on pasta carbonara in Rome one day, and then listen to street musicians in Barcelona over tapas the next. The French boulevards in Tunis are lined with eucalyptus trees and restaurants that serve spicy cuisine like lamb with couscous, stewed meats and baklava.

Beach bums won't be disappointed by the offerings around the Mediterranean. The Riviera is an enviable destination with beautiful beaches and numerous resort towns. Marseille is the second largest city in France and lies along the coast, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, hiking and rock climbing. The Greek Islands are also a wonderful place to soak up the sun. In Santorini, beaches of black, red and white sand meet crystalline waters, while whitewashed villages dot the background.

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